A Tale of Two Kingdoms

An epic fairy tale



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A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a graphic adventure along the lines of classics from LucasArts or Sierra that wraps you up in an epic tale full of puzzles, magic, and crazy conversations.

In A Tale of Two Kingdoms, you play Maeldun, one of the members of the court of the Theylinn kingdom. But there are problems everywhere: outside, an enemy army is approaching the castle gates, and inside some of the nobles are not particularly happy with the heir to the throne.

As if this weren't enough, hidden at the border of Theylinn is the mysterious realm Thierna na Oge, a place where fairies live and where, thanks to fate, you will end up, too.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a relatively open game that also includes several side quests. You will see one of five endings depending on the choices you make.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a typical graphic adventure with both a traditional gameplay and traditional graphics. The best part is that there are enough in-game decisions that you can play it more than once.
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